The Zaccariotto family , animated by great passion, has been producing kitchens for more than 50 years, making accuracy in the choice of the best materials, the eco-sustainability of the product and the made in Italy modular design, its strengths.

Embracing these values, the result can only be top notch: exclusive collections that interpret the different tastes and today’s lifestyles.

The factory, located in the heart of the Italian Northeast production is at 30 km from Venice, largely automated and occupies a total area of 37,000 square meters.

Mainstay of both the national and the world markets, Gicinque satisfies its vocation to internationalism thanks to a costant growth in the demand for its modern and classic kitchens across four continents. Request that represents a continuing boost to growth, improvement and comparison with new styles and needs.

Particular attention is paid to the distribution network which, with the valuable help of sales and design offices , evades quickly both individual requests and projects with important volumes.

Gicinque kitchens, the made in Italy protagonist of your home!